This is Who I am…at least today.

Against the howls of advice to the contrary, I am taking giant leaps into a new life. I am just not a baby step kinda girl. I love doing things that make me nervous. I am starting to become comfortable with the fact that I will never be as cool as Fonzie. I have an incredibly supportive and inspiring family. And I am a wildly unsuccessful misanthrope.

Last year, I quit my job as a communication/learning consultant to the energy industry to pursue meaning. As things with meaning have rushed to meet me, I have discovered that I am looking beyond them for something even bigger than that. I have no idea what that is. Scary and exciting.

Now, I am a writer.

When I am not writing or blogging…you can find me here:

Twitter handle – kimcambron

Google+ – Kimberley Cambron

4 thoughts on “This is Who I am…at least today.

  1. Kim, lead to your blog from The Story of You forum. In all fear Im reachingout to say I love your writing and your heart. Keep dreaming big.

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