I’m back…sort of.

I am having so much trouble writing.

It’s not that there is not stuff to write. There is plenty. But when I have written on this trip, there is something travelogueish about it. There is no humor or drama…just us. Plus, I have had to shift my focus a little. I had begun to write down the details of everything we are doing every day, and there is just no way to make that interesting. I have forgotten, on this trip, how to look for moments and themes. I have been recording like I am writing a news story. Just the facts ma’am.

So I guess I do know what the problem has been. But fixing it is another thing entirely.

I have written multiple blog entries. But I lost steam when it became clear that there was no way to upload them. Even if I am writing for only one person, I am writing this for someone…and if no one reads it…

All this to say, I will uploading the posts I have already written…as they are. It is a blog after all…not a book to be published. Read at your own risk.



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