Porn’s Elephant Butt

I am already thinking I need to write a follow up blog for the entire trip. I have lots of scattered thoughts I would love to process with you. But that will come once I have a few days to make sense of them. For now I have a few leftovers that have not fit neatly into any of the other blogs. I am just gonna stick them in here beause they are are worth mentioning, but I am truly too tired to write anything really interesting here.
I had dinner at Porn’s tonight.

How do you not try a place that is this bold in its branding?

I am not sure the thai food was really sexy, but it was seriously the very best pad thai I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I did not know Pad Thai was meant to be spicy. It is so much better that way. Oh, and I had Thai tea with I think is iced tea with sweetened condensed milk in it. Yum.

Someone want to tell me what an elephant’s rear has to do with the name of the restaurant or with anything at all actually?

I love the badge they gave me at BP.

I wanted to bring it home and wear it to work every day, but it ripped when I took it off the wall.

I love you guys. Can’t wait to get home.

I’m out. See you in H Town.


1 thought on “Porn’s Elephant Butt

  1. That puckery little elephant, um, "aperture", is so funny — maybe because it's so unnecessary?I really enjoyed all of your posts about Singapore. You should get a show on the Travel Channel.

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