Come with me to Singapore…Sort of.

I am going to Singapore. I leave Wednesday. I need your help.

I am not excited. This is a big confession for me to make, because it sounds bratty and ridiculous. A client is flying me there to do interviews, and I have about two full days and a couple afternoons and evenings to myself to do whatever I like. Time to play in Singapore, a place I have never been to before.


So, what’s the problem, right? It just sounds boring to me. See? Bratty. So, here is what I need you to do…

I need you to inspire me. This is serious. Here are some options as to how to do that:

  1. Send me one of your own fave stories about traveling alone. What did you do? How did it feel? What cool things happened that would not have if you had been with others? How did you make it fun?
  2. Tell me about something cool I need to see in Singapore. You do not have to have been, you can just look it up and tell me where I should go and why. Give me some ideas about what is fun to see and do in Singapore.
  3. Tell me something I should see in Kuala Lumpur. It is a four hour bus ride away and I am considering going up there for a day or maybe two (depending on what you send to me). What is fun there?
  4. Kuala Lumpur
  5. Tell me I am bratty in a creative, innovative way that makes me laugh and figure this out for myself.
You can post a comment…email me…post it on my wall in Facebook. Anything. Inspire me. I know you are up to it.
In return, I will flashpack the whole thing for you guys. I will tell you what I do and whatever weird things end up happening. I am bringing my new camera, so I will be snapping pictures as well. I will write every day.
In addition, I will bring back a small souvenir for everyone who gives me their time on this. 
That way, it will be like I am not traveling alone at all. I will have you with me the whole time. 


8 thoughts on “Come with me to Singapore…Sort of.

  1. I don't have time to inspire you right at the moment, but I know there must be a million little things and many major things that you will encounter. Hang in there and try to enjoy your time. Don't spit your gum on the sidewalk. Hey, that friend of yours who's name escape me at the moment lived in Singapore for a long time. Have a great trip.

  2. – art gallery focused on increasing awareness on social issues. – Sitting on prime waterfront at Marina Bay, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay offers a complete lifestyle experience. – The Sculpture Square now houses extensive gardens, shaded courtyards and a dramatic nine-metre high pillar-free exhibition hall. – too many to pick…

  3. Haji Lane – it is, according to some sorces a "fashionista's paradise". Then there is the Singapore Flyer, the equal to the London Eye. You CAN'T miss that!Apparently the Ritz has an incredible art collection, to include some incredible Chiholy pieces. If none of these excite you, apparently there is a Ducktour. You know, the amphibious boats. WOOT!

  4. I suspect what is making you not look forward to this is the idea of not having anyone else to share it with while you are there. When I travel alone for work, I get really excited about time to myself and about 20 minutes into it I get bored. I walk a lot when I travel to cities, and just look at stuff. My biggest suggestion is to think of your trip as sort of a creative fact-finding mission — take lots of pictures and notes — so that you can then come up with some totally cool way to share it later when Houston seems boring.url of an urban sketcher who lives in singapore so does a lot of sketches of singapore.

  5. I wish I knew who you were talking about, Chris. My memory is so lame. Thanks for the wishes though.Thanks, Kawii 😀 I will check out those links and plan some adventures.Kels, do you think I could develop some fashion sense if I visit? I am not sure I would recognize something fashionable if it bit me. :-/ But maybe the duck tours…Yep, you nailed it, Sharon.It is as if the experience is just not real if I am not sharing it. Already it feels better that I have gotten responses to my plea for help. I intend to blog the entire experience. Less lonely that way.

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