Four Ways to Win at Being Rejected

“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.” Norman Vincent Peale

There are so many intrinsic rewards for taking chances…for just putting yourself out there. You will naturally see things in your life shift as you become bolder and see how resilient you are.

But I promised prizes too, and there will be prizes.

First, the categories…I wanted this contest to be a little more substantial than just a straightforward points-based game. I hate the way contests are set up generally. Either they are so random that it seems ridiculous, or they are set up so that the person with the most time will naturally win it. But what if you just play one day, but you manage to task a chance on something that scares the daylights out of you…shouldn’t that count? So, here are the categories:

The Postman Award…Cause you deliver. This is the one purely point-based prize. The one with the most points wins. You get one point for every day you intentionally seek, and receive, a rejection. Plus, there will opportunities to earn extra points along the way. Simple.

People’s Choice Award. This will be voted on by your Rejection Therapy peers. I am not establishing the criteria for this one…so you’d best bring your game and make it show. Obviously, you have to post on the Rejection Therapy Facebook group page to win this one.

Epic Fail (at getting rejected). This award is based solely on my own judgment. I am looking for the most incredible story of you seeking a rejection and gaining an opportunity instead. What that means is that you take a wild chance at asking for something that you can’t possibly imagine receiving…and then you get it. Equals a fail at the game…but a MAJOR WIN in your life.

The Wince-Worthy Award. This one will go to the rejection that is the most cringe-worthy. This is again, based solely on my judgment, though I will be factoring in comments as they are shared. You are free to send me these stories via email though, if they are just too brutal to share publicly. You should get something for putting it out there so boldly.

Now the prizes:

The Postman. For you…who play full out for the victory of a significant point spread…you receive a party to celebrate your focus and determination. You will receive an awesome party box from Saint Cupcake, delivered straight to your door, to celebrate in style. Includes:

  • 12 Cupcakes with all the trimmings
  • Some funky poms 
  • A sprinkle scope

Check out this link and watch those points.

People’s Choice. If the people choose you…you get to make a choice of your own. Choose a gift from the selection below:

  • Customized Mystery Gift for you.
  • Etsy gift card for $50. Supporting other people who are making a go of it and risking rejection.
  • Subscription to online resources…will have to work with you to determine which and for how long, dependant on cost and access. 

Epic Fail (at getting rejected). If you find yourself the winner of this category, you get an award that will move you toward that opportunity that opened up for you. You will receive a gift certificate to an online course called Mondo Beyondo, where you will dive deep into long forgotten dreams and plans and bring them up to the surface again. Here is the link for more information on that one.

The Wince-Worthy. If you make me wince…if you put it out there enough to get this award, you get your choice of gift to yourself to heal your wounded ego and get you back into the game. You will get a $100 gift certificate to an online retailer of your choice.

These are not insubstantial prizes…but you are really going to have to play.

Mice Type: I am not giving just straight cash. So don’t even ask. This is a gift…a surprising and unexpected gift to you. Practice receiving.

The spoils will go only to the bold, my friends.

Be bold.


P.S. Sign up now, before we start tomorrow! Email me or leave a comment.

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