The Rejection Therapy, 2011 Rules of Engagement

OK, so here are more of the details for the play of the game…

  1. We will officially start playing on 01/24/2011. (That’s Monday)
  2. The game will run for four weeks. Twenty eight days to rack up some rejection points.
  3. You get a point for every day you successfully receive a rejection. But it has to be one you sought out…not an incidental one.
  4. Every day I will post some ideas for rejection seeking. You don’t have to use any of these ideas…they are just thought provokers and idea generators.
  5. In order to get credit for a rejection…you must share! Send me the ugly details. If you don’t want to share publicly…no big. But you have to send them to me. Post them on the wall of the Facebook group…email them to me. Message them to me on Facebook. Whatever works for you.
  6. No fakey “oh, I asked my sister for a dollar and she said no” kinda stuff. It only counts if you are stepping outside your comfort zone…even a little bit.
  7. It is kinda an honor system…so don’t mess with it. Play right. Karma sucks. Karma with an Irish Pirate…don’t ask.

Every day, I will attempt to pick some rejectoid for the “Rejector Seat.” This will be totally at my discretion. I will be looking for the boldest rejection attempt and rewarding it with one extra point for that day.

I will be keeping track of point totals on a spreadsheet. Those who know me know that I must be very very serious about this if I am willing to use a spreadsheet. And I am.

Here are some things that can make this experience a little more fun (yes, fun. I really believe putting yourself out there is fun once you get into it).

  • Request to be added to the formal Facebook Rejection Therapy page. Share the triumphant rejection of thousands. (you can find the link at the top of this page)
  • Buy a wall calendar, Jerry Seinfeld style, and stick it up to track your progress…check out the story on this here. He practiced his own form of Rejection Therapy, and you can see the results.
  • Play full out and play to win. Throw yourself into this.
  • There are prizes…there will be four awarded, and they will not be pathetic. You want ‘em. Trust me. More on that as details progress.

A note about rejection:
What constitutes a bold rejection will mean something different for different people. You will know what a bold step is for you and you will not be judged for what you consider to be a bold step. The goal is to step outside of YOUR comfort zone and take a chance. And that is different for everyone.


Come play with us.

He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson




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