Cool New Learning Model

I am such a geek.

This fall I am participating in an online “course” (quotes used intentionally) in personal learning environments. The course, which looks different than anything I have ever seen, is sponsored by the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University. It is delivered online to explore and clarify Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks.

I have no idea what they are talking about. But the course design is blowing me over. You will have to go to their site to really get the big picture…but here is a snapshot of how it will work:

1. They will send LOTS of content. LOTS. You are not expected to read or view it all. You are expected to pick and choose based on your interest level.

2. Keep track of what you have read/viewed with your ideas on it somewhere. This can be as simple as a list or you can track it online with a blog, twitter, facebook…whatever.

3. Then, periodically, you create something new from all the stuff you have been reading/viewing. You put the pieces together. You come up with connections.

4. Feed forward. Then you share your “something new.” However you want to.

I found it in a blog by my fave learning genius (after Tina, of course), Jay Cross. If you are not reading his blog…you should be.

He is taking it too, btw.

I am actually giddy about this. And this is the way I do everything. Here is something new. I stumble onto it then dive into it without even checking to see if I have the right gear. We shall see. This looks like fun. In any case, it is INCREDIBLY different and I am all about that. Different is good. Change is good.

Check it out and then come join me and Jay.