…then I tell two friends, and so on, and so on…

I got my hair cut and colored today.

As I write that I am wondering what that statement brings up in you. Getting my hair done is always a very sensory rich experience. It verges more on entertainment than simple cosmetic maintenance.

My quietly alt hair personality is created in a funky little house in the Heights in Houston by Sharon. Sharon’s room is bathed in natural light, so if there is artificial light (and I imagine there is) I don’t remember it. It is pretty, but not spa-like. So you feel a little pampered, but not like you should have brought your purse dog with you and gotten her hair dyed to match.

I walk out with my hair impossibly soft falling against my face. It is wonderful. I love the feeling of swingy newly cut hair.

(What you can’t really see in this shot is that my highlights are burgundy. I love them.)

I once heard a story on This American Life about someone shaving their head. The way he described it was amazing. The feel of the breeze on skin that has never felt the breeze… the rush of water over an exposed scalp…the sensation associated with exposing skin that has never been exposed. He did it on a lark for a story and now does it once a year to recapture the feeling. I think my jaw was dropped the whole time. It sounded incredible. I wish I had the guts. I swear the thought brings tears to my eyes.

(By the way, if someone has heard what I am talking about and has a link to the story…I would be sooooo grateful for the hookup.)

Would you shave your head for the sensation alone?

3 thoughts on “…then I tell two friends, and so on, and so on…

  1. Beard. Mine was full from 1984 until 2004 – before full beards were cool (I've always felt that I'm about 20 years ahead of the curve – just wait, fat boys will be popular in 2021, I just know it). Somehow the razor slipped while I was trimming and I took out a chunk o' beard that couldn't be camouflaged. I tried – brown Sharpie will run like pantyhose on a cheese grater when it's wet. I ended up shaving my entire furry face.Facing my friends, co-workers, clients, family – basically everyone I knew – was nerve-wracking. The day went better than I expected, but I didn't feel too great about it until that night when my face hit the pillow. Cool, soft, amazing. The next morning my the shower was just as wonderful – the heat, the tingly rush of water against my cheeks that hadn't been naked in 20 years (face cheeks, Kim, not butt cheeks). Getting kissed by Karen, feeling my cat's fur against my face, skin on skin when hugging people – all new, and all awesome to me.Since then I just grow a goatee – you know, to hide at least one of my chins – and so I don't miss out on all the fabulous face-time for the rest of my life. Bald head? Yeah, I completely get it. I have my head buzz-cut at least once a year to get that sensation. I won't go totally bald because, quite frankly, I'm prettier with some hair – preferably with burgundy high lights.

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