Vegas in a Cow Field

Space Center Drive is one of four streets that border NASA, but it is a very long road. If you drive past NASA and keep going until you are flat in the middle of what, until very recently, was a cow field in the middle of nowhere, you will see something you will not believe. Stranger still if you have seen the promotional ads for this place as they make it out to be a regular steak house…which it decidedly is not. Tina and I went for dinner there two weekends ago, not our first time, and I decided to blog it as my “Off Topic” weekend post.

Cullens is the restaurant and I hope I can do it justice.

The first thing you will note is that it is HUGE. Like Las Vegas over-the-top huge. 38,000 feet, seating for 700 people. Remember, this is in the middle of nowhere. Seriously.

The main dining room has 56 projection screens displaying rotating fine art. There is an impossible room hovering above the main dining room called “Macy’s room” which can be reserved for parties of 12 or less. You must spend at least $1,500 in food and beverages and your choice of china patterns and your own personalized menu comes with the room.

Stunning service, brilliant wine list, billiard room, live music club with concert lighting and an upper deck with a not-quite-finished fire pit and waterfall that will provide the over-the-top theme to the upper patio.

And then they get you with the environmental consciousness. Carpet is recycled tires. Lighting is all LED. I wish I could remember all the guy told us about the environmental features. It is stunning that someone that built this place even cares about that. Gives me hope.

And then there is the food. And this is the real reason I adore this place, despite all the glam. The chef is Paul Lewis and he is incredible. I do not say that lightly. I could not care less how gorgeous a plate is laid out or how innovatively someone uses raspberries. If it is not delicious, I am not impressed. This guy freaks me out he is so good. He does not over fancy up the straightforward dishes (simply the best fish and chips I have ever eaten anywhere. Period.) and things that he does something bizarre with (chamomile infused scallops) are divine. I have been several times now and tried sampled from others at the table and have yet to feel even neutral about anything. OK, maybe Grant’s pizza that one time, but kids food is supposed to be basic.

This is a destination spot. It is worth the drive to a Clear Lake cow field.


2 thoughts on “Vegas in a Cow Field

  1. Sounds yummy, but I have to say your description and the pictures make it look like something in Second Life — especially the glass floating dining room!

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