Knit Stitch Witchery

I am learning to knit! This is a picture of where I am so far on the scarf I am knitting as I first practice project:

It is mostly fabulous in its sheer volume as far as I am concerned. It is full of strange stitches and stuff. But Tina has claimed it already. Here is what I have learned from knitting so far, other than casting on and a knit stitch.

  1. Knitting is beautiful. I mean the way it all comes together. I am looking at sweaters in stores differently and how things I own are put together. The way the thread twists and ties around each other to make patterns and a secure piece is incredible.
  2. I tend to overestimate what I need, and this is included in knitting as well it appears. While waiting for my books (Stitch N Bitch and the Knitters Bible) I have been learning on the internet. There is this really great tutorial (it is really for pre-teens) that I have been learning from. The instructor had her group knitting something that was ten stitches across. TEN STITCHES! Well, that was ridiculously little, so I cast on 36 stitches. So, I am knitting a vestment. A little moderation wouldn’t kill me.
  3. You really can’t knit and watch TV, play on the computer or write a communication plan…at least not while you are learning. I had to tear out ten rows of stitches because I was over confident.
  4. Picking yarn for a project is a little bit like picking out a piece for your wardrobe (which has never been a strength). I was fascinated by many of the colors of yarn and really wanted them…but, dude, they do not go with anything in my wardrobe. I need a yarn consultant.
  5. Knitting is like meditating. I had no idea this would be restful. OK, everyone can stop groaning. I am kinda high strung. I generally don’t like things that have me sitting still for forever. But this feels good.

The women folk around here are all getting a little bit crafty. Tina is sewing. Haley is learning to sew and knit. There is even a bit of embroidery in the air.


P.S. Steve, Janelle…are my hands supposed to be hurting while I am learning to do this?

3 thoughts on “Knit Stitch Witchery

  1. No, your hands should not hurt. If something hurts, stop it. You don’t want to give yourself carpal tunnel. Put the knitting down, breathe deeply, stretch your hands out (think lion’s pose for the hands), and then try again. Hold the needles loosely.This is hard to do at first, so cut yourself some slack and take frequent breaks.I did not knit at work for years… but you will get there. I can now turn sock heels and kitchener during meetings!I like the idea of a knitted vestment…

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m impressed with your progress. That scarf looks GOOD! Can’t blame Tina for claiming it.Know what you mean about colors — still haven’t got the hang of that myself. And as the rhythms and motions become more familiar, you’ll be able to multi-task. I’m up to the point where I can knit during documentaries, but not during dramas and comedies. You’ll find your place.My hands hurt at first, too. Some of it is just doing repetitive motions that you’re not used to. That should go away — don’t freak. But take Janelle’s advice and don’t overdo it! Take breaks and stretch your hands. You don’t want to cause permanent damage.There’s nothing like being in the knitting zone. So glad you’re doing this. You’re awesome!I’m really very excited for you. Welcome to the slippery slope!

  3. I might point out that Steven knits so tight he could knit armor for the marines that they would like better than their current flak vests. So of ocurse his hands hurt! janell now has to wear those funny little splinty gloves to bedevery night because of repetitive use strain. So listen to Janelle!

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